My Favorite Resources for Crochet Crafts

Well below is my resource list for my small crochet shop on Etsy in what tools I use to produce my products and what resources I use in regards to my blog.

Please note: This post contains some affiliate links.

  • Pinterest of course!!!
  •  You can find anything at anytime of the day on Pinterest.  It’s my go to place for ideas, recipes, inspiration for my business,   and for free patterns.  You can create as many boards as you would like!  I have quite a few of them matter of fact.  I even have boards for my business!  So if you are a small business owner you can too and it’s all FREE!
  • Well for my next resource for my crochet business I absolutely LOVE Amazon.  I buy a lot a yarn weekly and they have all the ones I just LOVE to use.  Usually I buy the most unique yarn out there for sale.  I LOVE ladder yarn by Ice.  I also, use the eyelash yarn quite a bit.  What do i mean quite a bit HECK I use it in almost every project!!!  I LOVE the visual and textural feel both yarns give to my projects.


  • I also use a 2″-3″ ruler in most of my projects too.  The ruler I love is Westcott LetterCraft Ruler.  No this might sound silly but I use the ruler for crocheting a special stitch that I use in my projects.  I certainly may some day use it for lettering but not today.  I like this ruler because it is flexible and does not have sharp edges that scratch.



  • As far as crochet hooks I stand by the “Boye Crochet master Steel and Aluminum Crochet Hook Set.”  I crochet a lot of scarves and throws but I also crochet smaller items made with thread yarn.  This hook set has so many sizes of hooks I don’t see how you could need anything else.  It also comes in a nice vinyl case that zips up and is good for traveling.



  • My favorite crochet magazine is “I Like Crochet.”  It always has wonderful patterns and such for the season. They have great tips in every issue.  I still need tips daily even though I have been crocheting for well over 40 years.


  • I also, spend a lot of time on different Blogs for both business and personal reading.  There are quite a few great blogs to follow.

These are just a few that I enjoy reading.

  • I also have some go to Facebook groups I am apart of and they are in regards to crocheting and blogging.
  • This is Crochet Addict and I just LOVE this group!!!  From day one of me joining all of the members are engaging and helpful!  What a wonderful group of crocheters.  You can ask for help making decisions or whatever.
  •  This group is very engaging and helpful also!!!  It is a group for Etsy shop owners, blog owners and crafters.
  •  This group is composed of other bloggers and is a great resource as well.


Well that’s my resource list for now.  I am sure I will be adding to it as I go along in venture of running a small business and blogging.

I hope you all enjoy!


Chrissy <3