How You Can Easily Make Pedi Flip Flop Socks

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Hey everyone!

Bet you thought I was gone for good!  Well I’m back at it again as the Holidays are now over.  That kind of makes me sad.  This year was kind of different for me as I did not have the Christmas spirit until maybe a week out from Dec 25th.  Not sure what was up but I never did put up my tree as usual however, I did put up a small as in VERY small tree and some snowflake decorations.  I wish we had Grandchildren that would have been here but they could not make it this year.   πŸ™

Anyway,   I’m back at it as my busy time of the year has slowed down.  I had a friend ask me if I could make her some Pedi Socks.  Well of course I had to investigate this.  What in the world are Pedi Socks?????  Well it’s just about one of the best items I have ever seen out there.  I wish I could take the credit for inventing these socks but I have created my own design for these simple little flip-flop socks.  Just think you can put these on before you get your toe nails painted and keep your feet warmer and nails in good shape.  Then there is always the folks who like to wear socks with their flip-flops too.  πŸ™‚

I’m not a perfect pattern writer so I do like feedback on my patterns in a pleasant manner.  

This pattern is for the advanced crocheter.

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Below is the FREE PATTERN

Women’s Size 6-10

Advanced Pattern in US Terms

Supplies needed:

Hook E/4 3.5 mm

Stitch Markers

Yarn Needle

2 Skeins Premier Yarns Wool-free Sock Stripes 
Super Fine 1

For this project you will be working in the round except for the heel work.  This is not a spiral piece.  You are joining each row with ss to beg chain of the next row

Ch 46, sl st to 1st ch without twisting the chains

Rnd 1: ch 1, sc in same st as ch 1, sc in every st around, sl st to beg ch 1 st (46 st)

Rnd 2:  Ch 3, dc in every st around,  sl st to beg ch 3 (46 st)

Rnd 3:   Ch3, *Fpdc in next st, Bpdc in next st** repeat from *-** around, sl st to beg ch (46 st)

Rnd 4:  Repeat row 3 (46 st)

Rnd 5:  Ch 2, hdc in same st as ch 2 ( v-stitch made), skip 1 st, *2 hdc in next st, skip 1 st, 2 hdc in next st** repeat from *-** around, sl st to beg ch 2 (23 v-stitches)

Rnd 6-20:  Repeat row 5, fasten off (23 v-stitches)


Lay sock flat backside facing up, place 2 stitch markers one on each side see pic A-1

Should have 22 spaces in between markers

You will be working back and forth instead of in the round for the heel

Row 1 heel:  Sl st to join in st next to marker on back of sock, ch 1, sc in same st as ch 1, sc in every st to next st marker, 1 turn, (22 st)

Row 2-10 heel:  Repeat row 1 heel (22 st)

Row 11 heel:  Ch 1, sc in same st as ch 1, sc across 14 st, ch 1 turn (15 st)                                                                 

 Row 12 heel:  Sc in same st as ch 1, sc in next 7 sp across, ch 1 turn (8 st) See pic A-2

Row 13 heel:  Sc in next 7 sp, then work decrease by sc 2 Togo, (insert hook into 8th st, yarn over, pull up loop, insert hook into 1st st on row 11 of the heel see pic A-2, yarn over, pull up loop, should have 3 loops on hook, yarn over, pull through all 3 loops, decrease made), ch 1 turn See pic A-3 & A-4 (decreases made where yellow arrows indicate on images) (8 st)

Row 14-26 heel:  Repeat row 13 heel, (should have worked through all sc on row on both sides) you should see heel cupping on these rows (see pic A -5), ch 1 turn (8 st)

Working in the round again for the rest of the sock

Should be looking at the back of the sock

Rnd 27:  Sc across the bottom and down side of heel to 1 st before stitch maker, sc 2 Togo for decrease, sc across top of the sock to next st marker, sc 2 Togo for decrease, sc up side of heel, sl st to beg ch 1, (50 st)

Rnd 28-29:  Repeat row 27 with 2 decreases at stitch markers (should be down to original count of 46 st)

Rnd 30:  Remove st markers, ch 1, sc in same st as beg ch 1, sc in every st around without decreases, sl st to beg ch 1, (46 st) Heel is complete at this point

 See pic A-5

Rnd 31-44:  Repeat row 5 (23 v-stitches)

Rnd 45:   Ch1, sc in every st around working 2 decreases (2 sctogo) equally spaced, one decrease on stitch 15 & one decrease on stitch 30 (44 st)

Rnd 46:  Repeat rnd 45 (42 st)

Rnd 47:  Ch 1, sc in same st as ch 1, skip 2 st, *5 dc in next st, skip 2 st, sc in next st, skip 2 st, 5 dc in next st**, repeat from *-** around, sl st to beg ch 1, fasten off

Weave in ends with yarn needle



Sl st/slip stitch


Sc/single crochet

Dc/double crochet

Sctogo/single crochet two together

Fpdc/front post double crochet

Bpdc/back post double crochet

hdc/half double crochet












Here the finished product!  So excited to share this pattern with you all.  I crocheted these with 1 size bigger hook then the yarn calls for because I crochet tight.  So make adjustments with hook size and make sure you are trying on the sock as you go.  

Thanks and let me know what you think!

Chrissy πŸ™‚

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Questions please!

Thanks I hope you enjoy this pattern!

Chrissy πŸ™‚

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