How to Crochet Easy Peasy Finger-less Gloves for Anyone


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Hey everyone!

I’m still here and kicking!!!  I’ve been experimenting with all of this planned pooling with yarn…how about you???  If you are a person that has to do good and do right like me then stay away from this pooling crap!  So far I have completed 1 scarf project that came out right!!!!  YAY for me!!!!  If you have tried this then you definitely know what I mean.  Maybe in a few weeks I will have some of these projects to share with you.  But I wouldn’t hold my breath!!!

My new creation is my finger-less gloves.  My biggest fan of these gloves is my daughter , Chase.  This is 1 of the most easiest patterns I think there is available anywhere.  I have been playing with these as you can see above and below.  The 1st gloves I made were short ones with no extra bling.  Well then you all know me by now I must have Bling!!!  So I started experimenting with adding flowers and embroidery.  Some I just add some buttons to.

These purple ones with hot pink flowers are extra long gloves and the yarn I used was Yarn Bee Brand at hobby Lobby.


These variegated ones are also the short gloves from pattern for Easy Peasy Finger-less Gloves.  So as you can see you can change up colors, types and textures of yarns.  I think I’m making some with fur around the wrist…what do you think?


This pattern will be FREE for 2 weeks and then will be on my Etsy site for sale.  So enjoy and print off from this link

Easy Peasy Finger – less Gloves
Crochet Pattern
Hook: I/9 5.50 MM
Yarn:  1 skein Yarn Bee Brand Simply Soft & Fireside in coordinating color scheme for trim
Legend: SS-Slip Stitch SC-Single Cochet CH-Chain BEG-Beginning SP-Space
Working in the round
Ch 24, ss to beg ch without twisting the length of 24 ch
Row 1: Ch 1, sc in same sp as ch 1, sc in every sp around, ss to beg ch 1 (24 st)
Row 2-6: Repeat row 1 (24st)

Row 7: This is the row for adding thumb hole for both the right and left gloves
Right Hand Glove: Ch 1, 1 sc in same sp as ch 1, sc in next sp, ch 4, skip 4, sc in every sp around (24 st)
Left hand Glove: Ch 1, 1 sc in same sp as ch 1, sc in next 17 sp (total of 18 sc to this point). Ch 4, skip 4, sc in last 2 sp (24 st)
Row 8-15: repeat row 1, fasten off (24st)
Change yarn to trim yarn
Row 16: Ss into same sp as where you ended main color, sc in every sp around
Row 17-18: repeat row 1, fasten of, weave in ends
You can add flower detailing or whatever type of extra bling you would like

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Please as always I hope you enjoy this pattern!

Let me know what you think

Chrissy <3

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