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Free form crochet anyone??? What is it???  That’s what I wanted to know before I wanted to know what it was.  Did that make any sense to you.  What I mean is I have been crocheting this way and didn’t even know it!!!  It is crocheting by using different stitches, patterns and yarn types all in one project.  The other GREAT thing is you don’t have to follow a pattern either.  You just go with your own flow and let your creativity take you where ever it likes.  The only thing I suggest is to still count your stitches.  A lot of the free form crochet projects have paisley designs but it is not in stone how to free form crochet…It’s a good thing because I’m not sure I could do the paisley thing.

Above and below are some pictures of my latest Free Form Crochet projects.  The ponchos are so easy to make it not funny.  You crochet a rectangle and after you reach the length you want you fold it over to create a Asymmetrical poncho.  All this means is it is uneven.  When I start my ponchos I stick to 60 stitches wide and just go as long as I need to.  I use a large size hook which is usually K/10 1/2-6.50 mm.  I do this because it is much faster with the bigger hook and I’m always on a time constraint to get things done.

The yarns I used for this project were Lions Brand Landscapes in Sand Dune color, see below if you would like to purchase this yarn from Amazon.  I love the silkiness and ease of use that this yarn has let alone the colors that this yarn comes in!  This color is unique in that it changes from light brown to dark brown…just gorgeous!!!  (See Close-up pic below)


I also used I love this yarn brand from hobby lobby for this project (Bamboo Yarn and acrylic yarns in all cream colors).  My next project could very well be done in the Lions Brands landscape yarn in Sand Dune color with maybe just a little cream and blue…what do you think???

The last poncho I crocheted free form style was a gray poncho which is below too.


Who would have thought the mixer of different weights, types and colors would make such a lovely project.  I know this may not be all crochet artist thing but I LOVE this type of project.  To me it means freedom!!!

Hope you enjoy

Chrissy <3

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